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5 Important E-Mail Mistakes Successful People Never Do

Some people are not in the habit of replying to emails (E-Mail Mistakes)

Throughout history, writing has not been a part of people’s daily lives. (E-Mail Mistakes)

Those who had to write were bureaucrats working in government offices, scientists and men of letters.

Even writing letters was not something one did very often.

Today, almost everyone has to write every day, whether it’s a message (WhatsApp, Messenger, beep, text message) or e-mail.

Especially young people talk less and text more on their mobile phones.

In the past, most senior managers in the workplace communicate in writing.

He has his letters prepared by his secretaries; After making the corrections, they would send them to their addressees.

Now everyone, except blue-collar workers, has to write dozens of e-mails every day.

However, neither in schools nor in workplaces, no one is given comprehensive information about how written communication should be.

Everyone is learning from each other, but no one really knows what is supposed to happen.

I care very much that people use the language they speak and write well.

I envy people who write well and express themselves well.

I believe that the way people express themselves in speaking and writing gives important clues about their identity and personality.

Based on this thought, I created a list such as a message and e-mail writing rules.

➡️ Whether a person responds to a message or e-mail sent to them is an indicator of their personality and culture.

Some people are not in the habit of replying to emails. This, in my opinion, is both rude and arrogant behaviour.

Personally, I consider it an obligation to respond to all e-mails sent to me, except those with meaningless requests, and try to answer all of them.

➡️ Not everything is explained by email or text.

Some important issues, bad news, require a face-to-face conversation.

In recent years, we have even witnessed large companies laying off their assistant general managers by texting.

➡️ Significant illnesses of people you care about, the loss of a loved one, an extraordinary success, not by e-mail or message.

These are the situations that should be shared by talking on the phone or even by visiting if possible.

➡️ It is disrespectful to forward an e-mail chain consisting of dozens of previous correspondences to a person who does not know the details of the subject and to force this person to read all this information regarding the past.

➡️ It is not correct to attach unnecessary files to e-mails. The fact that the sent files are relevant and as small in size as possible prevents both the sender and the receiver from wasting time.

The information of what the attached file contains must be written in the e-mail.

Dozens more could be added to all these rules. These are the ones I care about. Of course, there are some I forgot.

What are your suggestions, please share them with us as a comment.