Is The World Really Flat ?

When Columbus Was Alive, People Thought The World Was Flat. (World Really Flat)

Humanity has known for several centuries that the Earth is round. (World Really Flat)

The “Flat Earth Society”, which emerged in recent years, states that the Earth is flat as it was believed in the past.

It sounds absurd to dismiss this theory, proven in the New Age when the church almost ruled the world as if it didn’t exist in the 21st century.

“When Columbus was alive, people thought the world was flat.

They thought the Atlantic Ocean was full of monsters big enough to swallow ships, and that there was a waterfall at the end of the world.

Columbus had to contend with these thoughts to gather the crew.

She was sure the earth wasn’t flat” — Emma Miller Bolenius

This “I wonder if the world is flat?” In response to the question, I wrote down the reasons known as proof that the earth is not flat.

1- Moon

Even in ancient Greece, studies were made that the Earth was round, and all of these researches were based on the shapes of the Moon.

The eclipse, which occurs as a result of the constantly moving Earth and Moon aligning around the Sun, is one of the biggest proofs that the Earth is not flat.

2- Ships and the horizon line

Ships and the Horizon line, one of the situations you might notice when you’re near a port or lying on a beach, are further proof that the world isn’t flat.

You can see a ship disappearing on the Horizon until only a high mast appears of a ship moving away from you.

3- Shadows

If you stick a pole into the ground, it casts a shadow on itself.

Shadows that change over time are proof that the Earth is round.

If the Earth were flat, the shadows would remain constant.

4- Increased viewing angle when going up

If you go to a plain, keep your eyes on the horizon and notice what you see.

Then climb a nearby tree (the higher the better) and look at the horizon again.

You will see your field of view expand noticeably.

5- Get on the Plane

If you have gone on a long journey between countries and the plane’s ground clearance has reached its limit, it means that a beautiful view awaits you when you look out the window.

6- Time differences

The time differences are proof that the Earth is a cute planet orbiting the sun.

While it is morning on the light side of the earth, it is a night on the dark side. That’s why there are time differences.

7-Taking an example from other planets

Although it is probably one of the simplest substances, one of the most logical is to take samples from other planets.

Don’t you think it’s absurd to say that other planets in the solar system are round and call our own planet flat?

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