5 Signs That People Are Secretly Jealous Of You

Some people with Secretly Jealous have an incredibly competitive situation

There are some people around us who seem to have too many friends around us and may secretly envy us. (Secretly Jealous)

What they say to such people, even though they seem like they love us, their jealousy in the background can cause us to demoralize, criticize us too much, and let us down.

In this content, I will talk about some of the signs that people are secretly jealous of you.

First of all, I would like to say that there is a little bit of jealousy in every person, it is a human thing in human nature.

The troublesome thing is that if the envy felt comes to the point of harming the person who is being envied, it is necessary to be careful there.

1. They belittle your achievements

You say that I passed that exam. They say everybody wins there, but I would win too.

You say that I bought a car like this, I bought a house there. They say, did you buy a house from there, that neighbourhood is not nice at all.

You say I bought a car and I was in serious debt, but I bought my dream car. They say, did you buy that car, it consumes a lot of fuel, I wish you had asked me.

2. He is competitive and compares you himself

Some people with jealousy have an incredibly competitive situation.

Again, you are talking about yourself, you are talking about a positive development in your business life, and he immediately talks about a success he has put forward in response.

3. Distracts you when your achievements are not equal

Let’s say you and your university or high school friend are very close together. But somehow life is going better for you, you’re showing success.

In such a situation, if the jealous person is not at the same level as you, jealousy may arise if he is behind.

4. If he gossips a lot

One of the most basic characteristics of people who experience secret jealousy is that they gossip too much.

What is the logic of the gossip?

Constantly pointing out other people’s shortcomings, mistakes, or bad embarrassments.

Everyone gossips a little, but some people gossip all the time.

It’s the people who gossip incessantly that we need to watch out for.

5. If he tries to crush or bury you at the first opportunity

He tries to form an alliance with my friend from university, whom he has just met. The purpose here is to bury you.

If you encounter such things, we can talk about serious jealousy here.

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