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Personal Growth – Checklist and Stages For Starting

Self-Improvement Doesn’t Work, If You Don’t Follow Those Recommendations – Personal Growth

Personal Growth – The measure of everything is people.

All people want to know. They want to be able to exist.

The goal is not to live! It is a life of its own.

What makes man virtuous is wisdom, temperance, and courage.

Wisdom means a solid understanding of the causes of everything that happens, and a deep perspective and reflection on the meaning of life.

People should come to themselves rather than know themselves.

Every person is unique. They are special. They are single. Therefore, there is no universal way.

Where the road will take them on this journey is entirely up to the individual. It starts with inner change.

Mental change, bodily change. It continues as environmental change.

Before forgetting, know that you are only human!


People analyze themselves.

They begin to think about their strengths and weaknesses.

Conduct your thoughts on moral and ethical understanding.

Be on the side of justice, equality, and virtue, which is the spiritual maturity of a man.

Knowing yourself allows you to understand yourself better, learn more about your needs, and decide if you want to achieve more.

Developing your knowledge and skills is the beginning of where to start.


When you understand yourself, you start comparing yourself to others.

You want to know those who are better than you.

Do not cross the fine line when comparing. Jealousy and envy are two different things!

Jealousy is activated when success is seen in someone else.

As children, we all want to be heroes of our dreams. We care.

If you want to learn the secret of the person you model, you should make a comparison.

You can synthesize new skills from other people or from the universe.

First, compare yourself to yourself.

Identify weak spots. study. Become a better person.


To run in a marathon, you have to exercise.

If you want to do boxing, you need to train your muscles.

Even the thought that we must change our lives for the better initiates change.

It doesn’t matter why you want to change.

Whatever your inspiration, it’s always good to change for the better.


You have reviewed your life. You identified the weaknesses. You made a comparison.

You have decided to change. It’s time to accept.

Accept what is before you blame yourself for why you are the way it is.

Make peace with yourself, forgive and move on to a new phase. Don’t blame, just accept.


Set short and long term goals.

Make a plan, set a goal. Get a roadmap. Keep target forms.

Planning is a crucial analysis and allows you to see your progress.


You will make concessions when you go down this road.

Your comfort will be disturbed.

You will experience problems of failure, inadequacy, worthlessness, and self-confidence.

You will experience anxiety and fear. You will face the pressure of Time, Family, Environment. You will learn to be patient.

In short, you will push all your limits. Why is that? For a better YOU. For the goal you set.

Remember the difference You wanted everything else doesn’t want you to want it.

It’s time to fight.


If you meet all the above criteria,

If you continue to develop goals, you will have chosen the most ideal life for yourself.

You will be happy and peaceful,
You will be strong and fair,
You will be at peace and full of gratitude,
You become Loving and Beloved

In short, you are…..