Controlling Dreams – What Do You Think About

9 Steps To Control Our Dream(Controlling Dreams)

After falling asleep, we alternate between different sleep stages. The main reason for this is the frequency changes that occur in our brain waves. During the REM (rapid eye movement) phase, our eyes move back and forth under our eyelids. The factor that determines these movements is where we look in the dream we see. About 90 minutes after falling asleep, we enter the REM phase. About 20–25% of the hours an adult sleeps are spent in the REM phase. (Controlling Dreams )

Everyone can control their dream. Let’s look at nine recommendations to control dreams.

1. The Most Important Thing To Do

Remembering dreams you’ve had in the past will give you the chance to explore themes that you encounter in your dreams. For example, you can set aside a notebook for this task; As soon as you wake up from sleep, write down the dream you saw that day in this notebook and add the main theme of the dream. In the following days, as you have time, read your dreams and become as familiar with them as possible.

2. Analyze Your Dreams

After a few weeks of journaling your dreams, review what you wrote and try to make connections between your dreams.

Try to find what all your dreams have in common.

Such as recurring people, places visited, symbols encountered, or actions you experience in your dreams.

3. Eating Some Hormone Triggers

It is known that the hormone melatonin plays a very important role in dream control. This hormone triggers the REM phase and makes your dreams more vivid. White mustard, kale, almonds, and sunflower seeds are some of the foods that contain the most melatonin.

4. Check The Reality

When you encounter a dream symptom, check if it is real. For example, you are seeing a face that you always see in your dreams. Is this a dream? Or is it real? In this way, it will be much easier for you to achieve dream control.

5. Based On Time

Look at your watch, avert your eyes, and look at your watch again. Has it only been a few seconds? Or a few hours? When we dream, our brain is not good with numbers. If you look at your watch for the second time. See that an abnormal amount of time has passed, then you are dreaming and you can control it as you wish!

6. Use Your Superpowers

Try to or close your mouth and nose and try to breathe, can you do these? If the answer is yes, it means you can do whatever you want.

7. Change Your Appearance

Look in the mirror in front of you and see yourself as you wish. Look at your hands, are there any missing or extra fingers? If your answer is yes, it means that you are in a dream that you can control, and thus you can do whatever you want.

8. Use Your Telekinetic Abilities

For example, try turning lights on and off or moving objects with your mind.

9. Finally, a serious study of dream control

Dr. Stephen La Berge Says: “If we have to spend a third of our lives sleeping, then why not live in our dreams as well?”

Do you have other methods to remember your dreams?

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