Did Nikola Tesla Find Time Machine ?

Time Travel and Time Machine – Let’s look at the evidence

Time Travel – Apparently, Tesla was very obsessed with time travel. He worked on a time machine project. Maybe he succeeded because once he said ;

“I could see the past, the present and the future at the same time.” Nikola Tesla

The idea that a person can travel through time is something that millions of people around the world dream about and ponder.

Looking back, we can come across numerous texts that can be interpreted as evidence of time travel.

When Albert Einstein published his Theory of Relativity in 1905, he opened a new page in the scientific community, “Is time travel possible?” It raised many questions such as

There is even evidence of time travel in the Bible, according to Erick von Daniken, author of one of the best-selling books in history:

“In the Bible, the prophet Jeremiah was sitting with some of his friends, and there was a young boy. His name is Abimelech.

Jeremiah said to Abimelech: 

“Come out of Jerusalem, there is a hill, and from that hill, pick figs for us.” 

The boy went out and picked fresh figs. All of a sudden, Abimelek hears some noise in the air and when she feels the wind in the air, she loses consciousness and faints.

After a while, he wakes up again and sees that it is almost evening.

When he returns to the community, the city is filled with strange soldiers and he wonders: 

“What is going on here, where are Jeremiah and the others? ” An old man replies: ” That was 62 years ago ”. — A time travel story set in the Bible. — Von Daniken.

If we look at the Mahabharata, written in the eighth century (B.C.), King Raivata travels to the sky to meet the creator God Brahma, but when he returns, he finds that hundreds of years have passed on Earth.

In Japan, we find a similar situation in the legend of Urashima Taro. It tells the story of a fisherman visiting the god of the seas, Ryūjin, in what seems like only three days. When the fisherman returns to his town, 300 years have passed and his town is unrecognizable.

It is possible to reproduce this and similar historical texts. Who knows? Perhaps all these “myths” will inspire great thinkers to find a way to get to time travel.
Now let’s come to our near future…

Recently, a group of scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia, investigated how time-travelling photons would move. Researchers simulated Photons’ travel into the past.

After studying the behaviour of quantum particles, scientists uncovered possible anomalous aspects of today’s physics.

However, Nikola Tesla’s work on time travel begins before modern science saw time travel as possible.

According to reports, in 1895 Tesla made a shocking discovery that suggested that time and space could be affected by magnetic fields. Tesla thought that he could disrupt the continuity of time and space by using intense magnetic field effects.

The experiment, the main purpose of which was to make the ships of the navy invisible on the radar, caused very different results with the Tesla factor, and the ship and its crew travelled in time by disappearing from the eyes for a certain period of time.

Although the Philadelphia Experiment, which was kept secret for a long time, came to light with the explanations of some of the survivors who were on the ship that day, the authorities closed the issue by saying that the event was a figment of imagination.

Tesla’s assistant explains the existence of Tesla’s work on time travel and the fact that he may have partially realized it:

Tesla was exposed to magnetic waves that he had artificially produced, during which he found himself in a completely different space-time window, where he could see both the past, the future and the present at the same time.

The magnetic effect he was exposed to nearly killed him, and I prevented it. That’s why he was angry with me.

After Tesla’s death, the notes, which were curious by everyone, were collected by the FBI overnight and disappeared.

For this reason, unfortunately, there is no document to confirm exactly what is stated in this article. The situations mentioned are the expressions experienced and voiced by those living near him.

Tesla is one of the greatest scientists in our history, and with his death, he left many mysteries behind.

Tesla is the architect of many of the technologies we use today, but unfortunately, his name is not even mentioned as much as those who do much less than him.

The reason for this is that Tesla was not a political thinker like Edison and others, but devoted himself only to science.