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Why We Talk to Ourselves in Our Heads?

Is Talking to oneself Madness? Although talking to oneself is associated with insanity, this is not always the case. People with schizophrenia, who are commonly described as crazy, may talk to themselves, talk a lot, not talk at all or, most commonly, talk strangely. The impairment of speech in schizophrenia reflects the form of impairment in the patient’s thoughts. NOT BEING – […]

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5 Most Unsolved Mysteries Of The Universe

We’re still working hard to unravel the mysteries of the universe The more new things are found, the more intriguing they become.  Our universe is full of strange phenomena and we don’t know why some of them happen. 1. Most of the universe is missing Astronomers are confronting a mystery that undermines much of what we thought we knew about the universe.  – […]

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What Is The Giffen Paradox

The Case of Buying More as Prices Rise – Giffen Paradox Giffen Paradox – Let’s say you go to the market and buy a product on the shelf for 1$ each. You came home and liked this product very much. The next day when you go to the same store to buy the same product, you see that the price is 2$. Would – […]

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Boost Your Attention With Easy Methods

These techniques work for me and my friends – Boost Your Attention It is often frustrating to be distracted when we have a task at hand. But don’t immediately blame it on your brain – Boost Your Attention Our brains are easily distracted and have evolved in this way for a reason. While we place great importance on the ability – […]

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Micro Facial Expressions That Only Successful People Understand

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said (Facial Expressions) Although body language education basically starts with what the classical body postures mean, as you progress, the details of micro-expressions begin to gain importance.(Facial Expressions) In the study carried out by Bristol (UK) University researchers, the relationship between identifying emotion in ambiguous facial expressions and aggressive thoughts and – […]

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Becoming Success and Happy – No Excuse For This To-Do List

Becoming Success and Happy – No Excuse To Apply These Tips In Your Life Becoming Success and Happy, Who doesn’t want to have a better personality? Improving and getting better is very popular lately. There are many formations and initiatives in both individual and social life, especially on personal development. On the individual side of personal development, there are many – […]

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Million Dollar Secret of Life “Laws of Attraction”

“Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life‘s coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein. (Laws of Attraction) Every thought is an energy. We are radiating energy into the universe at every moment.(Laws of Attraction) This energy that we emit moment by moment has the ability to manifest all our desires or fears. Energies turn our thoughts into reality. The energies – […]

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Reading Body Language of People?

Your body language tells more than you realized.(Reading Body Language) Here is a question for you before starting my article.(Reading Body Language) Do you know what your body just said? If your answer is NO, don’t worry. After reading my learning series for body language, from now you will understand what your and others tell you. Don’t forget to follow – […]

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