Reading Body Language of People?

Your body language tells more than you realized.(Reading Body Language)

Here is a question for you before starting my article.(Reading Body Language)

Do you know what your body just said?

If your answer is NO, don’t worry. After reading my learning series for body language, from now you will understand what your and others tell you.

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I’m going to share my important notes from “Reading Body Language” courses that what I learned from professional trainers.

I have lots of notes and really hard to share them all in one article so I’ll publish my notes in a few articles as learning series.

I’ll help you become a more effective communicator, you’ll be more aware of the messages in your body and you’ll discover how to align those nonverbal statements with your leadership goals.

I’ll cover the ways in which the body space, tone of voice, and even your feet and add credibility to what you’re saying.

I’ll also talk about the two sets of nonverbal signals that we all look for in leaders and you’ll find out how to project confidence even when you’re feeling uncertain I’m eager to work with you.

Imagine that you’re the Chief Executive Officer of an oil company and you just arrived at the refinery to speak to a group of operators of patricians and warehouse workers.

They’re all dressed in fire-retardant and you’re wearing a designer’s suit and power tie. you remove your expensive wristwatch and turn your unspoken messages.

I’m a very important person and I have exactly twenty minutes to spend with you that message is of course quite different from the words you use to begin your comments.

I’m so happy to be with you today which do you think the refinery workers will believe your words are your body language.

here’s what research finds when your body language doesn’t match your words your verbal message is lost.

When your words say one thing and your gestures indicate another then you don’t make sense.

When forced to choose between your verbal and nonverbal messages people instinctively believe what they see and not what you say.

That’s why it’s crucial for you to communicate congruently that when you say something with your body language that must support your words as well.

Otherwise, people become confused and these mixed messages have a negative effect on performance and make it almost impossible to build relationships of trust if you stand in front of the groups.

Talk about how much you welcome their efforts.

If you have a forced smile or lean away from the group or don’t maintain eye contact all of these are disengaged signals when your intended message is about inclusiveness.

Then there’s the matter of timing If you gesture just before as you speak then you appear to be open.

however, if you speak first and then gesture as I’ve seen many others do is unconsciously proceed.

In this situation, you remember me and at that point, the validity of whatever you’re saying comes Under Suspicion.

What other signals have you followed to read body language in your life?

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