Future Anxiety – How To Forget Past And Look To The Future Without Worry

Let’s get rid of the past first. (Future Anxiety)

Those who can’t get rid of the past have relapsed and can’t make any progress by wasting their energies. (Future Anxiety)

We must accept that we cannot change the past whether we want to or not.

Being passive about the past, accepting and making an effort is much more beneficial.

We cannot change past events, but we can only change their emotional effects.

“That was it that day.”, “My potential in the conditions of that day allowed me to do it.”

We should think like “But today I wouldn’t do it this way”, “I won’t let” or “I will”.

If we can’t get rid of the past, we have regrets and guilt.

We have wishes. There are thoughts that we devalue ourselves.

If we get rid of them, we will look ahead.

In fact, we can’t see current positive experiences because of past perceptions. While many things are happening that we will feel valuable right now.

If everything is going well in your life and you cannot enjoy yourself, you know that your mind is stuck in the past.

Often this indicates depression.

To focus on the present, we must first get rid of the thoughts of the past.

We need to accept this and not blame ourselves.

We talked about the past, now let’s talk about the future.

If the past creates sadness, thinking about the future creates a state of constant anxiety.

Thoughts such as “What will happen”, “How will it be”, and “Why, is it going to be bad” take us away from that moment. It also leads to fiction about the future.

When this happens, anxiety becomes the source of unhappiness and malaise after a while.

But, trying to predict something about the future is a hypothesis, not real knowledge.

Underneath this, there is the desire to predict the future and take precautions.

So why? Because we think What will I do if there is a situation in the future that you do not want or cannot cope with? The idea is “I’d better reduce the risk now and prevent it before it reaches that stage”.

The person who thinks this way has a state of inability to cope and intolerance.

So How Do We Beat This?

* I don’t need to fight the danger that I have created on a future issue right now.

* I should not sacrifice my day for a danger that may arise one day in the future.

* I don’t think much about the future, it doesn’t mean that I do something for it.

* If I live my day well and instantly, I will also solve the problems that arise when necessary.

* Instead of dealing with knowing the future, I can live today and prepare for the future.

* Continually worrying about the future and generating thoughts about the future keeps our minds busy.

This situation disconnects us from the environment we are in and prevents us from living the moment.

* I need to focus more on the environment and the environment I am in so that my mind remains empty.

* The thought that something bad will happen in the future is just a way of thinking that I learned from my environment.

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