Becoming Success and Happy – No Excuse For This To-Do List

Becoming Success and Happy – No Excuse To Apply These Tips In Your Life

Becoming Success and Happy, Who doesn’t want to have a better personality? Improving and getting better is very popular lately.

There are many formations and initiatives in both individual and social life, especially on personal development.

On the individual side of personal development, there are many paths that people can follow.

Here below I’m going to share all my To-Do lists with you.

1. Getting Online Education

One of the options for people who want to improve themselves in both professional and personal development is to take online training.

Among the platforms that provide online education, institutions such as Udemy, Coursera, edX are very popular.

It is possible to make a difference by taking online education from these platforms easily, regardless of time and place.

2. Reading A Book Every Day

Books are the main sources of knowledge and development.

Each book read is very important for personal development as it exposes the person to more information.

Think and Get Rich, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Who Got My Cheese? These are books that can be shown as examples for both professional and daily life.

3. Learning New Languages

Learning a new language is equivalent to acquiring a whole new skill.

The learning process of a language also enables the acquisition of brand new culture, lifestyle and new habits.

In every language learned, individuals add something more to themselves and provide differentiation and development.

As many studies have shown, individuals who speak more than one language are more developed and successful than those who speak less.

4. Having New Hobbies

In modern society, almost everyone has a hobby.

But sometimes, starting to specialize in a subject can lead to reasons such as alienating individuals from this subject and making them ordinary.

At this point, it can be beneficial for personal growth to focus on new topics and start trying things we haven’t tried.

For example, taking an interest in a new sport that you have not tried, such as mountain climbing, fencing, golf, ice hockey; Engaging in topics such as writing poetry, cooking, wine tasting, web design, which are more relaxing activities, increases cultural accumulation and is also very effective in personal development.

5. Waking Up Early

As emphasized by many successful and well-known people, starting the day early is an action that increases the creativity and quality of life of individuals.

Since it makes the body healthier, it helps to get the maximum efficiency in all the activities engaged during the day.

6. Having a To-Do List

Having a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly to-do list brings with it an order that will not be disrupted as much as possible.

This order, which allows being much more creative and productive, is a very important way for personal development as it increases the effort of individuals to reach the goals they set for themselves.

Special notebooks sold for to-do lists and applications developed in virtual environments are helpful in this regard.

7. Getting Rid of Bad Habits

Almost everyone has a bad habit they are trying to get rid of.

As the impact rate of these habits increases, it causes pauses and even regressions on the development of the person.

Sleeping a lot, consuming too much alcohol, being late all the time, not doing sports, biting nails…

Getting rid of them before they become big problems is one of the most important steps for personal development, as each one is effective at some point in life.

8. Social Media Detox

It turns out that people spend an average of 13 minutes without looking at their phones.

Looking at your phone every 13 minutes means you read and review things you don’t need for an average of 6 minutes an hour.

If you need to look at social media when you wake up in the morning, if you follow the social media agenda frequently during the day, if you have social media sites on your screen while falling asleep, it’s time to detox.

First of all, you can increase the social media detox process, which starts as 7 days, to 2 weeks and 1 month.

In addition to social media detox, you can also apply a digital detox where you will get away from digital devices.

Staying away from devices such as TV, computer and telephone as much as possible will increase your productivity and contribute to your personal development.

9. Avoiding Negative Energetic Environments and People

According to the American entrepreneur and author Jim Rohn, individuals are the average of the five people around them that they spend their time with.

That is, individuals who are constantly exposed to positive people tend to be much more positive, while those who deal with more negative and negative people are much more negative and pessimistic at every stage of life and in all circumstances.

Likewise, environments where individuals feel bad, friend environment, workplace, school etc. It can have many negative effects on the individual.

In such cases, one should stay away from that environment and people in order to both feel good and improve himself.

10. Getting a Coach or Mentor

Working with people who have the same goals as you is an important factor in being successful in whatever you want to improve.

Many people who are experts in their fields, voluntarily or for certain fees, provide training, small experience sharing, entrepreneurship ideas to those who work in the same fields and need a consultant.

These supports, which can be provided both in virtual environments and face-to-face, are a much more productive method for many individuals than working alone.

11. Stop Watching TV

According to studies, many people who spend a long time in front of the TV and then give up this habit report that their life has become much better.

Many programs and advertisements broadcast on television are often prepared unconsciously and carelessly.

Considering that this carelessness is also reflected in the audience, it is inevitable that it will cause temporary and permanent discomfort over time.

In addition, since it is an activity that unnecessarily occupies individuals both mentally and physically during the day, it leads to situations that may prevent individuals from developing themselves.

For these reasons, spending as little time in front of the television as possible will also be supportive for personal development.

12. Meditating

Meditation is an important activity to have a calmer and more self-aware mood.

Meditation, especially at night, provides less sleep and helps to start the day in a fresher way.

With the increasing demand and popularity, meditation, which can be learned how and why it should be done both in virtual environments and in private courses, is an activity that contributes to personal development with a more vigorous body and more resistant mood.

13. Drawing a Curtain on the Past

Some people, due to their past failures and negative experiences, are shyer in forward-looking activities and, accordingly, more closed to development.

At this point, it should be kept in mind that great successes are the result of many unsuccessful attempts.

Considering that the past is in the past and as a result of a major breaking point, it would be beneficial to start everything from the beginning and act with the questions of how I can be more successful and developed.

14. Being Kind to Those Around You

Being kind is something that many people overlook in everyday life.

Gentleness, which comes with patience, understanding, and love, helps solve many small problems.

It may be helpful to start with small trials to see if these situations actually happen.

When you act by thinking about how someone feels when they treat you kindly, you also contribute to your personal development.

15. Reading a Personal Development Article Every Day

The knowledge you learn by reading and then applying can lead to lasting changes in your life.

A personal development article that you will read every day will both facilitate your daily life and contribute to your personal development.

These articles can sometimes be written as articles, or they can be blogs written by experts on the subject.

16. Writing a Personal Development Blog

Nowadays, This is the most important topic in my life.

While working for yourself, helping others develop and move forward can make you more successful.

A blog to be created for this purpose increases the sense of responsibility as it must be kept fresh all the time.

Talking about your own experiences and having a guiding role on the blog will be beneficial for the development of both you and your followers.

17. Learning to Deal with Difficult People

In daily life, it is necessary to deal with many people. While some may support you, others may force you into bad situations.

What needs to be done at this point is to seriously analyze why these people are pushing you and develop various ways to deal with it.

By developing these pathways, you learn to be resilient to much greater challenges that may come your way and how to deal with them.

18. Learning from Friends

Every person has potential in different subjects.

The best thing about dealing with so many people is that you can learn from the potential that each of them has.

Consider the potential of your best friend. For example, it could be to be very patient.

In your time with him, you can learn how he accommodates and maintains such a trait.

This proves that everyone has something to learn from everyone else.

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