Incredible Wrongs That We Think Are Right

Swallowed Gum Takes 7 Years To Digest or Glass is Solid – Incredible Wrongs What you are about to read will reveal that many of the things you thought were true until now may actually be wrong! (Incredible Wrongs) 1. Do not recharge the phone before it is discharged; it damages the battery WRONG. This is not the case for Lithium-Ion – […]

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There Is No True Happiness, We All Look For Pleasure

“Pleasure” is just the momentary satisfaction of the body/ego, while “Happiness” is pursuing your personal growth. True Happiness What is Happiness? (True Happiness) According to thinkers like Schopenhauer, happiness is “not being unhappy”. The happy person is not the person who has experienced the most vivid pleasures of the greatest pleasures. A happy person is a person who spends his – […]

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Are We Living In Simulation?

Irrefutable Reasons We Might Be A Living In Simulation What are we in this universe?” , “Are we living creatures in a simulation created ? “ or “Are we really living a real life?” (Living In Simulation) Of course, I can’t answer those questions with certainty but I can convince you of that by reaching the real creator. “What are – […]

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10 Steps For Becoming Better in Your Life

Every morning before you go on with your daily routine, take a couple of minutes to give yourself a compliment. Whether you compliment your outfit, haircut, or how you recently completed a task using your unique skill sets, giving yourself a little emotional boost will make you happy. And, when you’re happy with yourself, that emotion can be contagious to – […]

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