Incredible Wrongs That We Think Are Right

Swallowed Gum Takes 7 Years To Digest or Glass is Solid – Incredible Wrongs

What you are about to read will reveal that many of the things you thought were true until now may actually be wrong! (Incredible Wrongs)

1. Do not recharge the phone before it is discharged; it damages the battery

WRONG. This is not the case for Lithium-Ion batteries found in many phones today.

These batteries do not contain the same raw material as old type batteries.

For this reason, it can be recharged before it runs out, that is, while there is a charge inside; it will not harm the battery.

Smartphones cut off the electric current when the battery is full. So if you don’t unplug the phone when it’s 100 percent charged, nothing will happen; neither the phone explodes nor the battery life is shortened.

2. Applications running in the background cause the phone to slow down.

Therefore, the battery consumption is higher!

WRONG. It’s of no use. Phones already allow a certain number of applications to run.

3. It takes 7 years for swallowed gum to be digested.

The chewed part of the gum cannot be digested, it is excreted from the body as it is. The remaining substances (such as sugar, starch) are absorbed by the body.

4. The higher the megapixel, the better the camera

It does not reflect the fact that better quality photos can be taken with high megapixels.

The value of existing megapixels indicates only the size of the photo. Lens quality, sensor size, etc.

The quality of the photo can be determined by dynamics. Megapixels are only one factor and not the most important factor.

5. Glass is solid!

Glass is an amorphous substance. This means that the glass flows very slowly.
That’s why old glass windows have thicker bottoms.

6. The Great Wall of China is visible to the naked eye from space.

The Great Wall of China may be huge, but it’s not wide enough to be seen from space.

The most obvious thing visible from human-made space is actually lights.

7. A coin falling from a very high height can kill a person!

No matter how high you send the coin, the final speed it can reach is 50–80 km. Which isn’t fast enough to kill us but it hurts.

8. Dog’s sweat causes drool.

No. They regulate their body temperature by breathing rapidly through their mouths. They actually do sweat from the soles of their feet.

9. There are seven colours in the rainbow.

The colours in the rainbow are known as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.

As a matter of fact, there is an uninterrupted spectrum of colours in the rainbow.

But the human perception of colour creates the illusion that there is a series of generations in the middle.

Some rainbows have more than 7 colours that the human eye can see.

10. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is crooked.

This famous Italian tower was originally designed as a vertical one.

However, since 1173, the date of its construction, it started to slide towards the south due to the soft ground at the foundation.

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