Are We Living In Simulation?

Irrefutable Reasons We Might Be A Living In Simulation

What are we in this universe?” , “Are we living creatures in a simulation created ? “ or “Are we really living a real life?” (Living In Simulation)

Of course, I can’t answer those questions with certainty but I can convince you of that by reaching the real creator.

“What are we in the universe?” Just before the answer to this question, there is a more important question to answer. “Why are we here?” and “Why does human exist?

There must be a reason for it to exist.

Does our universe is just a laboratory experiment?

Are we really the subjects in this experiment?

As some say that could Earth be the work of a much more advanced civilization than ours?

Let’s look together for Irrefutable reasons to find answers to those questions.

1. The Mandela Effect

Some people claim to remember TV coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death in the 1980s even though he actually died in 2013. The “Mandela Effect” is therefore supposedly proof that whoever is in charge of our simulation is changing the past. (Or alternately, this is evidence of parallel universes and some individuals have crossed from one universe, in which Mandela died in the ’80s, into ours, where he lived to age 95.) Additional examples of this phenomenon include some remembering the name of the Berenstain Bears children’s-book series being spelled as “Berenstein” and others recalling a nonexistent movie from the 1990s called Shazaam, starring the comedian Sinbad as a genie.

2. Video Games That Look Like Real Life

Elon Musk is a believer in Nick Bostrom’s simulation hypothesis, which posits that if humanity can survive long enough to create technology capable of running convincing simulations of reality, it will create many such simulations and therefore there will be lots of simulated realities and only one “base reality” — so statistically, it’s probably more likely we live in a simulation right now. Further proof that we live in the Matrix, according to Musk, is how cool video games are these days. In 2016, he explained: “40 years ago, we had Pong. Two rectangles and a dot. Now, 40 years later, we have photorealistic 3D with millions playing simultaneously. If you assume any rate of improvement at all, then the games will become indistinguishable from reality, even if that rate of advancement drops by 1,000 from what it is now. It’s a given that we’re clearly on a trajectory that we’re going to have games that are indistinguishable from reality. It would seem to follow that the odds that we’re in base reality is 1 in billions.”

3. Weird News

Some have proposed that recent unlikelihoods, including Donald Trump’s election, Brexit, the 2017 Oscars-envelope mix-up, and that year’s 25-point Super Bowl comeback, could mean we’re in a malfunctioning simulation or whoever is pushing the buttons is screwing with us.

4. The “Goldilocks Zone”

Earth exists within what astrobiologists call a Goldilocks Zone, close enough to a star that greenhouse gases can trap heat to keep liquid water, but far enough away that the planet does not become a Venusian hothouse. That we live in such an orbital sweet spot is circumstantial evidence for a simulation: If our sim-designers wanted us to succeed, it makes sense that they’d place us in such a cushy environment.

5. We Already Know What the “Bricks” of Our Matrix Are

According to simulation believers, we may have already found the pixel-sized building block of the universe: the Planck-length, the point at which our concepts of gravity and spacetime no longer apply. If our world is simulated, the Planck length would be equivalent to one bit of information, or a pixel.

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