15 Body Language Signals Successful People Never Do

This is My Lifestyle, I Can’t Stop Myself Without Reading Body Language During The Day (Body Language Signals)

1. Hump ​​Stance (Body Language Signals)

This movement is one of the most obvious movements that shows that you are bored with the environment you are in.

Never say to your boss, “I don’t understand what you’re saying, but I have to listen to you!”

You don’t say it, but remember that you have a body that says it in front of you!

2. Exaggerated Gestures

Exaggerated gestures will also make the other person think that you are misrepresenting the truth or that you are exaggerating more than necessary.

To avoid this, choosing more controlled and small gestures will show that you are conveying the truth completely to the other person.

3. Checking the Clock

Checking your watch while talking to someone will be perceived as one of the most disrespectful things to do.

This gesture will show the other person that you have more important things to do than talk to them or that you can’t wait to finish talking to them.

4. Looking Away

During a conversation or meeting, being busy with other things instead of taking care of the speaker is also one action that can make you lose credibility.

Instead of a move that will make you lose your credit, turning towards the person speaking in a way that shows that you are listening and not being interested in other things will make you successful.

5. Clasping Your Arms

Even if you’re laughing while listening to someone, crossing your arms or legs is a body language gesture that will show you don’t agree with what they are saying.

Even if it makes you comfortable, it will be important to clearly position yourself for this move.

6. Inconsistency

The inconsistency between what you say and what you do is also among the factors that will keep you away from success.

Using body language that supports what you say will make you profitable, especially at bargaining tables.

7. Exaggerated Confirmation

Nodding is somewhat comforting;

But when it comes to exaggerating this affirmation, things change.

With this exaggerated act, he will draw the conclusion that you actually do not approve.

8. Playing With Hair Too Much

Playing with your hair too much will make you feel nervous or too energetic.

Or people will think you care more about your physical appearance than your career.

To prevent this, it is necessary not to overdo it when playing with your hair.

9. Avoiding Eye Contact

Averting your eyes indicates that you are hiding something or suspecting something.

It is also an important body language mistake that can create the perception of low self-esteem.

Maintaining enough eye contact will also give the impression that you are interested and self-confident.

10. Making Too Much Eye Contact

Avoiding eye contact can lead to false results, and exaggerating eye contact can lead to false results.

The perception of this by the other person is the impression of someone trying to be aggressive and dominant.

11. Taking Care of Your Environment too Much

Listening with whirling eyes will constitute a disrespectful gesture.

Instead, it will always be healthier to make more controlled eye contact.

12. Getting Angry

Remember that you will look angry to the other person when your eyebrows are frowning.

However, smiling makes the other person feel that you are an open and reliable person.

13. Weak Handshake

A weak handshake is indicative of weak self-confidence and weak authority.

A strong handshake is always ideal, depending on the situation, as too much will obviously be harmful.

14. Clenched Fists

Clenched fists show a defensive position, just as your arms and feet are clenched.

15. Getting Too Close

Standing too close to someone is a gesture that shows you don’t respect their personal space. No closer than a step and a half will often be a good signal.

To sum it all up, avoiding these moves will help you build more successful relationships in both your personal and professional life.

I hope it helps your career and relationships…

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