Learn New Languages – How I Trick My Brain

Learning a new foreign language is more useful and fun than you might imagine.(Learn New Languages)

I’m advanced level at English and it’s not my native language.

But as you see that my blog is English and I do not have any problem to spread my ideas and suggestion to all over the world.

Within my new role as Global Manager since last year, I have started to learn German since beginning this year as well.

During my learning journey of any languages , I try to use those methods to trick my brain and they really work for me.

Here are the top four ways to trick your brain into learning English or other languages ​​faster:

Create a sense of urgency
A common complaint when learning a new language? Definitely a lack of time.

After a tiring day at work or school, your brain is exposed to an excessive amount of information. Therefore, it may refuse to learn a new language. Because it does not want to spend extra energy.

So, what should you do in such a situation?

Join an English training class

Online or classic, it doesn’t matter. Our goal here is for someone to hold you and therefore your brain responsible. Taking language lessons with other people, especially with a classroom and a teacher, will put a healthy strain on your brain.

Track and share your progress

Have you ever thought of recording yourself as audio or video to keep track of your progress? How about sharing your latest essay, letter or favourite phrase on social media? Twitter has a large language learning community and several Facebook groups to keep you going and sharing.

Don’t give your brain a chance to escape your target language

Listening to music on the way to school or work, watching movies on the weekends, reading a magazine during breakfast or posting on social media in your target language are all great ways to start learning.

You can label objects around the house using post-it notes in English, Germany, Spanish or any other foreign language you want to learn. This way you are exposed to new words all day. The main purpose here is to convey messages to your brain that tell you to use this language.

Knowing that the easiest and most efficient way to learn a foreign language is to learn that language on site, consciously go to a language school.

This tendency will show you that you can easily learn a new language or improve your current language much faster.

The more exposure you have to a language, the faster you can learn it. So give yourself a chance and meet a new language and a brand new culture.

To learn a foreign language easily, study a language in that country.


  1. I think you’re onto something there when it comes to creating a sense of urgency. Perhaps we should approach all of our goals the same way, so that we don’t take our time for granted. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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