How To Sleep Well and Wake Up Full of Energy

How To Sleep Well – Tips To Sleep and Wake Up Like Babies

How To Sleep Well

1)Do Not Consume Foods and Drinks That Disrupt Sleep– How To Sleep Well

Because coffee, cigarettes and tea keep them awake, those who drink these substances fall asleep longer. Therefore, in order to have a comfortable night, it is necessary not to consume these substances 3 hours before going to sleep.

2)Avoid Alcohol – How To Sleep Well

Although many people think that alcohol will help sleep. But alcohol will create a negative result by impairing the quality of sleep.

3)Create Your Sleep Routine

Especially during the quarantine period, Our daily routine has changed. It is important that the sleeping and waking times are as regular as possible. In this way, disruption of the biological rhythm can be prevented. Waking up at the same time every morning is another good way to regulate sleep.

4)Sleep at Night, Not Day, Don’t Nap

Daytime sleep is in no way the same as nighttime sleep. Sleep should be done at night, it is necessary to wake up after the day is bright, and definitely not to get up too late. Two hours of sleep, If you sleep during the day and two hours of sleep at night are not the same. Daytime sleep cannot clearly rest the person. Do not sleep for a long time during the day. If there is irresistible drowsiness, sleeping less than 20 minutes is refreshing once a day. Longer naps can cause drowsiness. Naps should not be taken after three o’clock in the day. he said.

5)Don’t Exercise Close to Bedtime

People who do not get tired or do not exercise may have difficulty falling asleep at night. Regular exercise helps people sleep better. However, it is necessary to determine the best time to exercise. At least two hours should be left between bedtime and exercise, and exercise should be done in the afternoon or early evening. Sports done very early in the morning are also not suitable.

6)Ensure Sleep Hygiene

Explaining that many details, from the temperature of the bedroom to the light used, will impair sleep hygiene and make it difficult to sleep.

“The bedroom should be as quiet as possible, the light should be noticeable. Even if the eyes are closed and it can disrupt sleep, so the bedroom curtains should be thick and opaque. , television or computer should not be kept. Cell phones should not be used in bed.”

7)Don’t Wait for Sleep to Come in Bed

Staying in bed for a long time while waiting for sleep makes it difficult to sleep. For this reason, one should only go to bed when sleep comes. If you can’t fall asleep within 20 minutes. You should get out of bed and wait outside the bed by doing a passive activity such as reading a non-exciting book or listening to calm music.

8)Pay Attention to What You Eat Before Bed

You should not go to bed very hungry and should not eat heavy meals close to bedtime. “Eating should be left at least 3 hours before the time you want to sleep and light things should be eaten in the evening. When you can’t sleep, something should not be eaten to linger.

Foods and beverages that will impair sleep quality (such as foods that cause heartburn or gas, tea, coffee, energy drinks, etc.) should be avoided in the evening.

How To Wake Up Full Of Energy

I will give suggestions from my daily sleeping routine.

If you follow them, You will be able to start the day more happily and energetically in the morning.

We often have a hard time waking up in the morning.

Some wake up tired as if they haven’t slept at all, others start the day in a happy and energetic way.

I have searched for some simple ways for people who wake up happy and energetic to get rid of this excitement today.

Things to consider before going to sleep for healthy sleep.

Do not consume coffee and caffeine-containing foods before going to sleep.

Stop eating at least 3 hours before going to bed.

Eating a few hours before bedtime makes it difficult for the digestive system to work.

You cannot sleep comfortably with a full stomach. As a result of this situation, you will constantly feel the need to go to the toilet. In this case, you have to wake up constantly and comfortable sleep without a hole will be a dream for you.

Try to create a dark and quiet environment for quality sleep. In addition, if you do not want to wake up tired, make sure to ventilate the room you will sleep in an hour before going to bed. Another secret of comfortable is that quality sleep is the temperature of the room.

Make sure your room is not too hot.

If you want to wake up comfortably and easily.

You should place your bed in a position where it will receive light.

If you want to wake up early.

Set the alarm clock to the time you will wake up. Setting it earlier will make you lazy.

It will also help you wake up happy and quickly if you choose your favourite music for your cell phone alarm.

Keep a glass of water by your bedside. Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning will double your metabolic rate.

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