Secret Unself Confident, How To Understand If We Are ?

Secret Unself Confident – Sometimes, I Have One Of The Secret Signs, Do You Have?

Secret Unself Confident – One of the problems that most affect people is being Self-distrustful.

If you do not have self-confidence, you cannot reveal your potential and show it to the people around you.

That’s why you can’t live a fulfilling and happy life most of the time.

Self-distrustful can be defined as introversion, silence and not being able to take responsibility.

But Self-distrustful is not always evident in this way. Sometimes we may be experiencing hidden Self-distrustful.

Ok, we may be experiencing a hidden Self-distrustful, but how do we understand it?

These people ignore their problems, suppress them and want to pretend they don’t exist.

Because they are not aware of this, this hidden Self-distrustful may negatively affect a person’s life for a lifetime.

In this article, I have done some research to understand the hidden insecurity and I will share them with you.

I will explain these under 7 Headings.

1. Passivity

Beneath this is a fear of failure.

The person is so afraid of making mistakes that he does not interfere in anything.

The thought here is this. The person thinks like this. “The less I do or do nothing, I make fewer mistakes.”

If you pay attention to your surroundings, you can see a lot of people behaving this way. These people don’t want to take any responsibility. Most of the time they retreat into the background and keep themselves passive.

It seems compatible with everything. They remain silent even if he has a dissenting opinion. They always play the happy and silent role.

2. Postponement

There are many reasons for procrastination behaviour. But here I will explain what is a sign of Self-distrustful.

For example, the person will prepare a project or homework. But if They constantly postpone the project. They think that if they finish the project other people will not like it. This person may have a hidden Self-distrustful behaviour.

Therefore, the person cannot reveal his/her potential and will be indirectly unhappy.

3. Perfectionism

It is one of the most prominent features of Self-distrustful.

Because if the person makes a mistake, he/she experiences fear of not being appreciated by others.

These people spend too much time on details than average people.

The person does not think that people don’t care about her/his effort and time and starts to spend too much time on the work in front of him/her.

They always seek approval and appreciation from others.

4. Experiencing Persistent Boredom

There is fear in hidden Self-distrustful.

That’s why it’s a nightmare to participate in crowded environments or activities.

When this happens, they lock themselves in the house. They begin to experience boredom as they move away from sociality.

5. Indecision

Another symptom of hidden Self-distrustful is indecision.

Indecisiveness is a bit like perfectionism.

A person never believes that he can make the right decisions.

There is also the fear of making mistakes. That’s why they have the problem of indecision in every job that comes their way.

They need the approval of other people, even on the simplest matters.

For example, when he needs to buy himself an outfit, he is very indecisive and wastes time.

Even after buying the outfit, she constantly thinks about whether she made the right decision.

6. Excessive Giving and Generosity

For example, you are going to dinner and you want to pay the bill all the time.

If you work on the project with your team members and you say to them that you will do all needs. It is possible that you have hidden Self-distrustful behaviour.

If you look from the outside, we can think how good and generous a person you are. But behind this behaviour may be an effort to gain value and be respected.

7. Excessive Desire for Success

The desire to always be successful and always on top can be a sign of hidden Self-distrustful.

The most important symptom of this is wanting to be the coolest, most successful, richest, smartest and the most in every subject.

After this research, I realized that one or a few behaviours were experienced from time to time both in myself and in my environment.

Do you have any hidden signs of Self-distrustful?

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