Incredible Secrets About Human Body That Nobody Tell You

We Can’t Gulp Down More Than 3 Times or Why We Don’t Like Your Recorded Voice and More…(Human Body)

1. You Can Not Gulp Down More Than 3 Times.(Human Body)

You Can Not Gulp Down More Than 3 Times.

There is no such thing as “inability to gulp down” when remembering to gulp down like blinking your eyes.

We can be gulp down. But when it is repeated, we may have difficulty in gulping down after a while as the muscles will get tired.

If you try to gulp down more than 3 times, you will see the result and it can’t.

2. How Doctors Place Back The Organs During Surgery

Surgery is really difficult.

Although I haven’t had any surgery yet, according to what I’ve heard from my environment, it seems like a serious trauma.

There can be funny moments, especially when coming out of narcosis.

I have a few friends who work as Surgery Doctors.

During the surgery, doctors say that when they put the removed organs back in their place, they put them in the approximate position, not the exact location.

But the body automatically places the organ in the correct position.

3. Why We Don’t Like Our Recorded Voice

Do you hate your recorded voice?

This is because when we speak, we also hear our voices from the skull bone.

Our skull bone transmits low frequency better than air.

That’s why our recorded voice sounds different and strange to us.

In fact, our voice is thinner than when we speak.

4. The Immune System Of Our Eyes Is Different From That Of Our Body.

Our eyes have an immune system that works differently from the rest of our bodies.

That’s why if our immune system detects our eyes, it assumes it’s a foreign body and blinds us.

5. How Big Can We Grow

Hand-wrist x-ray examination is performed in every short child and adolescent.

This tells us the degree of skeletal maturation, called bone age.

It is the child’s own calendar age that we calculate from the date of birth.

With new technologies in medicine, it is now possible to see how much we can grow with a bone in our right arm.

6. We Can’t Keep Our Eyes Open

The eyes dry out in a very short time.

That’s why the eyelids, which are controlled by the cerebellum, work.

If we keep our eyelids open consciously or prevent them from closing with external factors, the eyes will bleed so that they do not dry out and continue to stay wet in this way.

When we look up or down with our eyelids open, we don’t need to blink.

Because when we look to the left, the eye gets wet due to the movement of the eye.

However, if we do not take our eyes off it by just looking at one place and preventing the eyelids from closing on it, our eyes will naturally tear up.

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