Life is Better With Minimalism – Less is More

Before explaining the meaning of minimalism, we can have prior knowledge of the concept by looking at the meaning of the word minimum from which this concept is derived.

Minimum means to reach the minimum or the minimum degree for something.
We can say that the concept of minimalism, which we associate with the word minimum. It means to classify the material and spiritual values in human life according to needs and minimize them.

Minimalism creates a lifestyle that provides greater focus, freedom of movement, comfort, and quality of life.

This philosophy, which emerged in the second half of the 19th century, emerged to defend simplicity as a reaction to consumerism, fashion perversion, the desire, and habits of having more and more variety.

Simplicity should not be confused with the meaning of “simplicity”, which is the simplest translation of minimalism.

While simplicity may be “choosing the least and the best among the conditions”, the word “simplicity” with the meaning of “featureless in use and content” is far from this situation.

This should not be understood as lowering living standards.
This philosophy completely removes waste from your life.

The idea that we have to have more in order to be happier is an idea that capitalism imposes on us.

But, when we look back, we are not happier this way. Because the desire to have more and more luxury makes the person tired, pushes the limits, and pushes the person to unhappiness and stressful life.

The idea of ​​minimalism not only makes a financial contribution to the person in terms of having fewer clothes and belongings but also contributes more time, more space, more success, less stress, and less illness.

The person will not spend time shopping and will not have difficulty in choosing clothes.

Since it gets rid of the crowd of items, instead of serving the item, the few and necessary items will serve it.
This will save the person time.

But, We will be successful as he will devote time to more important and useful works.
This situation also offers freedom to the person.

And it also minimizes the pain in taste and the level of living. It will lead to a more peaceful life as it will cut the desire to own what others have.

In this way, stress and diseases caused by stress will be avoided. In fact, when we think about the event on a large scale the person will abandon the property.

We will reach the secret and happiness of sharing by staying away from many problems and troubles, including property quarrels.

Because we think we value ourselves, we work more, produce and consume more. However, we cannot spare time for ourselves, our environment, and our family.

Over time, we become lonely and gradually lose our values.
What kind of style do you prefer minimalism or maximalism?

Please share your style as a comment with us.

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