“NO” Most Difficult Word To Say But “WHY”

Saying “No” Requires Strong Will – Most Difficult Word

Most Difficult Word – Why people can’t say no?
Why do they accept certain things even if they don’t want to?

The word “NO” is actually a very easy word to say. But for some reason, we know too many people around us who can’t say “NO”.

Now let’s come to our main topic and examine why we can’t say no.

For example, why didn’t our family say “NO” to us? For good or not to hurt us?

Are they showing kindness or torturing themselves?

People become even more unhappy by being forced to do things they don’t want to do, rather than not being able to do the things they want to do.

Maybe you can’t do what you want to do, the reason is quite simple, Maybe it is impossible.

There could be many reasons for this impossibility.

  • Economic reasons
  • We don’t have time
  • Or It could be anything.

This is acceptable because it is common in life.

But if we do something we don’t want to do, there is no remedy.

Yes, It has happened and we cannot go back and change it.

I think it is also a subjective concept and it is not mentioned in regret.

Many people often regret things they didn’t do.

When someone asks you for something, you don’t have to do it.

Saying “No” Requires Strong Will

When people around us make demands, we may be undecided whether to meet that demand or not.

If we state that the demand cannot be met, we worry that the relationship will be damaged.

We may think that the people surrounding us will only continue to communicate with us when we meet their demands and that the relationship may end if we do not meet the demand and say no.

The concern of weakening the bond with people is a major concern, especially for people with a dependent structure.

They have to make concessions by always saying yes in order to maintain the bond.

Afterwards, they are very sad because of the victimization they experienced, but they cannot get rid of this cycle.

Not being able to say “NO” is not a disease, it is a structural problem

Not being able to say “no” is not a disease; It is a structural problem. If it was a disease, it could be eradicated with drug treatment.

It is a problem that occurs in addicted people. It can also be among the symptoms of depression.

People with depression have a loss of initiative. They can be easily manipulated.

Cell phone scammers can easily ensnare addicted and depressed people.

Fears can be aroused by some threats, and he can be made to fit into the dwellings as if he were hypnotized.

5 suggestions for those who can’t say “NO”

1. You should listen to what your impulses (your soul) are saying.

2. You should listen to what your logic and conscience say.

3. You have to listen to what the outside world is saying.

4. After hearing all these voices, you should make the right decision and implement it with your will.

5. If your decision is no and you feel great distress, you should seek help from a psychiatrist. “

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