Boost Your Brain Power with Those Easy Techniques

Boost Your Brain Power, To-Do List

FOCUS – Boost Your Brain Power

1. Mute your phone.

2. Use background tabs and browsers.

3. Mute your mailbox with “Inbox Pause”.

4. Clean your desk.

5. Make distracting scribbles on a blank sheet of paper.

6. Save articles and videos to Pocket.

7. Take regular breaks.

8. Work in different places. Cafes, parks etc.

9. Sit by the window.

10. Smell soothing scents. Like lavender and lemon scents.

11. Bring the thermostat to room temperature and fix it.

12. Go for a walk.

13. Get lots of good sleep, exercise, and eat healthy.

14. Buy plants.

15. Listen to music.

16. Meditate.

17. Check out nature photos and cute animal photos.


18. Leave or start meetings 15 minutes early.

19. Authorize.

20. Track where time is spent.

21. Simplify your mailbox with

22. Leave Facebook.

23. Automate boring tasks.

24. Combine similar jobs.

25. Use your phone’s dictation feature.

26. Cut out bad habits with the “Stop List”.

27. Move away from being versatile.


28. Decompose daily short tasks into “To Do/Do/I Want To”.

29. Write 3 “very important” tasks in Post-It.

30. Start doing it, starting with the most important.

31. Do not check your mailbox without working for 2 hours.

32. Will this job help me achieve my goal? NO = Cut it out!

33. Can only I do this? Does it matter?” Second NO = Cut!

34. Prepare tomorrow’s to-do list tonight.

35. Use Stephen Covey’s priority matrix.

36. Do the creative work first.

37. Will this get me closer to my goal?

Is it important to my boss?

Does it make money?

Does it make my life easier?

Does it have to be done today?

Sort your answers by yes/no numbers.


38. Turn Big Tasks into small puzzles.

39. Study to be able to take a five-minute break.

40. Get rid of bad tasks as soon as possible.

41. Start using for your personal deals.

42. If it’s a job that will take less than 2 minutes, do it now.

43. Find your biological prime time.

44. Celebrate small wins!

45. Do not break the chain.

46. ​​Buy yourself small gifts and reward yourself.

47. Pose strong and expressive.

48. Keep a to-do list.

49. Eat chocolate.

50. Smile and be happy.

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