Secrets The World’s Most Successful People

Key to success in your life

To be successful in life, it is not enough to have a good education, to speak several languages, to graduate with a high degree from an elite school… it is not enough. These may only be enough to be successful in business life.

The most important characteristics that distinguish successful people from others are their intelligence, their wealth, their environment, their family, their work….

The primary factor in achieving success in business life is not only intelligence, environment, money, work… but also the transformation of knowledge into action in a planned way. To work to be successful is not to be discouraged by negativity, to learn a lesson from every negativity and to work tirelessly until the goal is reached.

In order to achieve success, it is necessary to demonstrate what one has learned in practice, to produce knowledge from knowledge, to produce added value from knowledge, to love one’s work, to be productive in one’s work… most importantly, one must have a fighting spirit, a life purpose and a strong will to work for success.

Thousands of people graduate from a school with the same education. Very few people excel in life. The success of school graduates is not parallel to their diploma degrees. A high degree does not necessarily mean a high level of success in life.

Harvard University follows its most successful students for ten years after they graduate from school. Their success in life is analyzed. The result is not encouraging. It is found that the majority of students with high school success are not as successful in real life as they were in school. The reasons why students are not successful in real life are investigated. As a result of the research: Students cannot manage their emotions well, they cannot manage their relationships with people well. ,

Success criteria for universities in developed countries: The number of patents the school receives each year, the contribution of graduates to the national economy and their success in life.

According to Edison, 

20% of success is intelligence and 80% is hard work.

The owners of most big businesses do not even have a proper education. In their workplaces, they employ thousands of employees who have graduated from elite universities with high degrees. Their difference is that they are educated from the core, they know the business and they have courage.

Most of the time we are paid according to the contribution we make to the workplace, not according to the education we receive. The time and effort spent on learning knowledge should also be spent on applying it.

We are valued in society not as much as we know, but as much as we apply what we know. Our skills are developed not by what we know, but by what we apply.

We gain value in life not as much as our diploma degree, but as much as our ability and what we do. In daily life, our relationships with people and our dignity are based on our actions and behaviors, not on what we know.

After we die, we will be remembered not for what we know, but for what we have done.

“Doing good with one’s knowledge”, that is, practicing what one knows in life, frees one from responsibility. It gives people a respected place in society.

We need to know where and how to use what we have learned and what we can do with what we have learned.

We should nourish our body with sports, our mind with useful knowledge, our soul with faith, our emotions with love and our personality with good morals.

Success in business life is related to success in private and family life. It is very difficult for someone who is restless and unhappy in their family life or has problems in their private life to be successful in business life.

Success is not giving up in the face of failure but learning from failure. Success is to turn negativity into an opportunity. Success is not to carry the negativity in business life home.

When necessary, to be content with less, to know the value of what you have, to know how to be grateful. Success means making an effort to live a happy and peaceful family life. Success is not achieved by talking a lot and giving advice to others, but by getting the desired result in practice.

Knowing oneself, one’s abilities, interests, weaknesses and strengths, knowing one’s job well, loving one’s job, working in harmony and in a planned manner with colleagues who are experts in their field, and renewing oneself are great factors in achieving success.

A successful person is one who can be a “wanted person, a brand person” in his/her field.

Just as a student who is not successful in all courses cannot pass his/her class; one cannot be successful in life without being successful in all areas of life.

Success is not only about making money. It is also being a model father or mother in family life. It is being a person who establishes good relationships with the people around them. Being successful in one’s job, family and environment brings a happy and peaceful life.

To be successful in life requires being successful in family life, in business life and in relationships with the people around them. Success is the source of peace and happiness.

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