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Silva Method – This method is better than my expectations (Silva Method)

Silva Method is based on scientific research and was developed by José Silva, an American of Mexican origin, after 22 years of research between 1944 and 1966. 

The Silva Method has been translated into 36 different languages to date and has been taught in 118 countries since 1966. More than 40 books have been written about the method and it has been the source of much personal development training. 

It is taught as a course in 56 universities around the world. As of today, there are more than 6 million Silva Method graduates all over the world, although their number is increasing day by day.

Change Your Life with Silva Method!

Easy to apply;
The method consists of 24 scientifically proven mind exercises and is very easy to apply. As all things easy and simple are more impressive, so is the Silva Method. It is extremely easy to apply and practical, and when you apply it to your life, you are sure to get results.

What it is based on
The Silva Method is based on how you think, your beliefs and behaviours that influence your life experiences.
The aim of the Silva Method is to teach you how to use your brain more and how to develop the hidden abilities of your mind. At the same time, it awakens and develops the potential inherent in human nature. In the training, self-hypnosis is taught using the language of hypnosis.
You Hold the Key to Your Happiness;
When you succeed in controlling your thoughts, you will be happier by consciously shaping your life.

You shape your destiny with your own hands;

How? With your choices.

How? With your thoughts.

How? With your mind.

Nothing is impossible. We perform miracles with our minds and only we human beings can do it. That’s why we say that the entire responsibility of our life is in our hands.

This is not magic; this is the Silva Method

Step by step with the practices, you realize that your ability to focus increases, your creativity increases with the information coming into your mind, and at the same time your thinking expands (your awareness increases). As a result, you experience and perceive that you can solve your problems with better quality and creative ideas. You can develop your hidden “Sensory Reflection” ability only with the Silva Method.

A Better Quality of Life

Millions of people say that with the Silva Method they have discovered the incredible power of their minds to positively change their lives, realize their dreams, get rid of various chronic diseases, do better in exams, find the job they desire and improve their quality of life.
The key to the success of Silva Method training is that it helps you to create an energetic, vibrant and powerful thinking system by freeing you from limiting beliefs that prevent you from unlocking your full potential. It is dynamic training.

The Silva Method Seminar, consisting of a total of 24 mind techniques, is given in 2 Parts: 

Silva Life System (Part I) and Silva Intuition System (Part II). This mental work takes place at the Alpha level, where the brain functions with imagination and imagery. However, since the vast majority of people (95%) sleep at this level, they cannot function in the right hemisphere of their brain by remaining conscious at the Alpha level. Therefore, they cannot take advantage of this amazing functionality of the brain at this level, which is the most suitable level for finding solutions to problems. With the first exercises, students first learn how to enter the Alpha level by slowing down their brain waves and how to function in the right hemisphere of the brain by staying conscious and not sleeping at this level.

With each progressive technique, one’s sense of faith and trust is triggered and one experiences and perceives an increased ability to control one’s mind. As the program progresses, the person gradually realizes that his/her ability to focus increases, the information coming into his/her mind increases, and his/her thinking expands. As a result, the person perceives that they can solve their problems with better quality and creative ideas.

As a result of this dynamic training

Completely relax in a few seconds,
Recognize and change the many limiting beliefs stored in their subconscious minds,
to get rid of all stress-related health problems by activating personal healing powers,
To make the right decisions,
Change unwanted habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, overeating,
Clear destructive patterns of emotion and behaviour, if any,
To be more effective in their relationships,
To reach their goals more easily, to achieve the results they desire,
To increase their mental capacity,
To strengthen their memory,
To bring realistic and innovative solutions to their problems,
Complete freedom from sleep problems and quality sleep,
To develop creative skills,
Use their time properly
Increase their motivation,
To become more positive individuals,
In short, they manage to take control of their lives and improve their quality of life on a universal scale.

Why is Advanced Thinking Ability important?

Everything you do starts with a thought. If you set out to achieve a new goal with your old thinking habits, your chances of success are only a possibility. It takes a new way of thinking to seize new opportunities and succeed.

Times are changing and this change is happening very fast. You are also aware of this. Today, one’s success depends on the ability to adapt to new conditions. In nature, it is not strong that survive, but the organisms that are flexible, that leave the old behind and accept the new.

According to contemporary scientific data, an ordinary person cannot focus his or her mind on any one thought for more than 6 to 11 seconds. According to Harvard University research, this is the most important reason why people fail to achieve their goals.

A fleeting thought cannot be programmed.
A mind that constantly shifts to other thoughts cannot be programmed.
A thought that is blocked by limiting beliefs cannot be programmed.
Negative thoughts, anxieties and low self-esteem cancel the thought, making it unprogrammable.
Our mind needs at least 30 seconds to program a thought.
Silva Method techniques help you in this sense.

To focus on a particular thought for a longer period of time (at least 30 seconds),

Developing and strengthening the perception
The Silva Method is the most modern and effective mental training method for utilizing the unlimited possibilities of the brain. It is for people who want to take control of their lives and ‘produce’ the results they desire.

“The Silva Method is a ‘tool’ you can use to bring about the changes you desire. I highly recommend it.” Dr. Wayne Dryer, Psychologist — Author

Silva Life System (Part 1):

With the first exercises, students first learn to enter the Alpha level by slowing down their brain waves and staying conscious and not sleeping at this level and being functional in the right hemisphere of the brain. Thus, the body and mind relax and stress control is achieved.

With the next exercises, the effective information synthesis mechanism, in other words, the imagination, is activated to be used in problem-solving. What happened in the past provides us with information. Logic analyzes the information obtained. But the imagination deals with what needs to be done. Decisions are made by utilizing this magnificent functionality of the brain at the Alpha level, which is the most suitable level for finding solutions to problems.

By changing the limiting beliefs that prevent success with other exercises, the brain is reprogrammed in alpha and theta frequencies with the selected solutions and creativity is developed.

Silva Intuition System (Part 2):

With the mental techniques here, intuition is developed and strengthened. As a result of training in intuition development techniques, people gain awareness that their brains are not only receivers and transmitters of thought waves, but that they can also use extrasensory information and influence and change this information. Our brain is an advanced information network — the Internet. It can provide information beyond stored information. The way the brain works allows for original thinking and real and innovative solutions to problems. By getting rid of limiting beliefs that hinder success and not being dependent on the past, through sensory reflection exercises, innovative and creative decisions can be made and the right choices can be made. Successful people are those who have a broad perceptive ability.

They also gain the ability to connect to Source Energy, discover the mission of existence so that they can live a life with purpose, and master case studies to discover abnormalities in the human body and bring them back to normal.

Techniques such as the Mental Screen, Mind Mirror and Laboratory help the mind to focus on a thought. Repeated positive suggestions, techniques to change limiting beliefs, and mental cleansing achieved by deleting negative words and phrases from our memory, help the mind to easily make the connections necessary to bring thoughts to life and eliminate obstacles on this path. Dream Control, the Three Fingers and a Glass of Water Technique, and the Laboratory and Guides are the ‘keys’ to opening our mind’s ‘files’ and gathering the information needed to succeed.


The Silva Method has been practised for forty years by people of different religions, cultures and understandings, living in different social environments, with success in all 180 countries. Over this long period of time, there is one fact witnessed by people who have changed their lives by applying the techniques they have learned.

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