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Controlling Dreams – What Do You Think About

9 Steps To Control Our Dream(Controlling Dreams) After falling asleep, we alternate between different sleep stages. The main reason for this is the frequency changes that occur in our brain waves. During the REM (rapid eye movement) phase, our eyes move back and forth under our eyelids. The factor that determines these movements is where we look in the dream – […]

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Million Dollar Secret of Life “Laws of Attraction”

“Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life‘s coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein. (Laws of Attraction) Every thought is an energy. We are radiating energy into the universe at every moment.(Laws of Attraction) This energy that we emit moment by moment has the ability to manifest all our desires or fears. Energies turn our thoughts into reality. The energies – […]

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Reading Body Language of People?

Your body language tells more than you realized.(Reading Body Language) Here is a question for you before starting my article.(Reading Body Language) Do you know what your body just said? If your answer is NO, don’t worry. After reading my learning series for body language, from now you will understand what your and others tell you. Don’t forget to follow – […]

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Are We Living In Simulation?

Irrefutable Reasons We Might Be A Living In Simulation What are we in this universe?” , “Are we living creatures in a simulation created ? “ or “Are we really living a real life?” (Living In Simulation) Of course, I can’t answer those questions with certainty but I can convince you of that by reaching the real creator. “What are – […]

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5 Tips for Deal To Aggressive People

These tips always work for me.(Aggressive People) What is the most common difficult behavior is aggression.(Aggressive People)The first question is do I want to find a way to live with this person’s aggressive behavior. I want to get them to change how much power you have if an aggressive person is your boss or a customer. Then you might decide – […]

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Deeper Sleep – Which Steps Need To Do

These Ways Are Really Working and Worth To Try(Deeper Sleep) There are people out there who wake up by themselves in the morning, don’t press the snooze even if they wake up with an alarm, don’t make their way to the coffee machine first thing with zombie-like eyes half-open, and even feel rested and happy as soon as they wake – […]

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Apply Butterfly Chaos Effect To Daily Life

Small Things Can Have A Big Impact (Chaos Effect) The butterfly effect is the name given to small changes in the initial data of a system that can have large and unpredictable results.(Chaos Effect) The so-called butterfly effect was discovered by Edward N. Lorenz in 1963 when he was making a calculation about the weather. So how did he find it? – […]

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