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Is The World Really Flat ?

When Columbus Was Alive, People Thought The World Was Flat. (World Really Flat) Humanity has known for several centuries that the Earth is round. (World Really Flat) The “Flat Earth Society”, which emerged in recent years, states that the Earth is flat as it was believed in the past. It sounds absurd to dismiss this theory, proven in the New Age – […]

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5 Important E-Mail Mistakes Successful People Never Do

Some people are not in the habit of replying to emails (E-Mail Mistakes) Throughout history, writing has not been a part of people’s daily lives. (E-Mail Mistakes) Those who had to write were bureaucrats working in government offices, scientists and men of letters. Even writing letters was not something one did very often. Today, almost everyone has to write every day, – […]

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How To Stop Postponing And Get Work Done

Postponing is to miss out on life. (Stop Postponing) Psychologists agree that “procrastination” has deeper causes than meets the eye.(Stop Postponing) Many behavioural scientists point out that the root cause of procrastination is childhood. He says that the oppressive and harsh behaviour of the parents prevents the child from doing his duties willingly. The child, who is treated harshly, reacts by – […]

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Step By Step Personal Branding To Success

Learn Personal Branding With Asking Right Questions To Yourself Personal Branding Basics What is your goal? What kind of experience do you want people to have when your name comes up when they communicate about who you are or what you do? What do you want to accomplish? Examples: landing a job, getting a better position at your current company, – […]

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Effective Communication Skills for Everybody Needs to Know

Effective Communication – Forget Your Knowledge About Communication Effective Communication – Here, I’m going to share steps and intellectual preparations that can be followed individually for effective communication in your business and private environment; Before going to To-Do List, We should know the meaning of Effective Communication. It covers the skills of influencing and persuading, storytelling, problem-solving and decision making, – […]

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Why Some People Are Happier Than Other People

Happiness Does Not Equal Pleasure – People Are Happier People Are Happier – Like intelligence, weight, and wealth, the level of happiness also varies from person to person. Yes, some people are happier, some are unhappy. There could be many reasons for this. Mostly when we ask happy people why they are happy, they cannot give an obvious answer. They – […]

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This Article is Written Completely By A.I.

AI assistant helps you and guides you to need steps to create an Articles automatically – Written Completely By A.I. Written Completely By A.I. – I’m personally interested in AI, ML, VR, and follow improvements very close. Today I’ve read an article about AI Writer and while googling I’ve found a website that name is “Simplified. co”. This website helps – […]

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Boost Your Brain Power with Those Easy Techniques

Boost Your Brain Power, To-Do List FOCUS – Boost Your Brain Power 1. Mute your phone. 2. Use background tabs and browsers. 3. Mute your mailbox with “Inbox Pause”. 4. Clean your desk. 5. Make distracting scribbles on a blank sheet of paper. 6. Save articles and videos to Pocket. 7. Take regular breaks. 8. Work in different places. Cafes, parks etc. 9. Sit by the window. 10. Smell soothing scents. Like lavender and lemon – […]

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How To Win Discussion Against Manipulators

Psychological manipulation is when one person uses another for their own benefit – Discussion Against Manipulators Discussion Against Manipulators – It is very common for people who are more sensitive and emotional to be subject to manipulation. Here below, I’m going to explain what needs to be done to detect manipulation and put a stop to it. The most important – […]

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