Long or Quality Life – Which One is Your Prefer?

Long or Quality Life – The Bloody Period Started With These Losses

You realize what needs to be experienced when you experience it.

Of course, you may encounter some problems related to yourself and your environment in childhood and middle age.

You can only observe that you have entered a difficult process with what you see, perceive and experience in the third act of the theatre.

Childhood Life Is Like A Fairytale Land

The little joys of childhood, the feeling of being happy with very little things, the presence of your loved ones around you, and the most beautiful child’s health make the world look much more beautiful to you.

If you grow up in a sensitive environment, your relationships with events and the world are colourful.

Your life is like a fairy tale land with a different beauty in every part of it.

The Third Act Opens with Losses

Adolescence is the period of meeting with the responsibilities of life and its sorrows gradually.

There are loves, sometimes ending in despair, that make your neck bow down.

You may perceive your environment and your family differently.

Because your child’s eyes have started to change, the child’s faces around you have disappeared.

Longevity But Healthy

I experienced these in the death of my grandmother and grandfather.

The bloody period for me started with these losses.

Both my grandmother and grandfather had become dependent on someone in the last stages of their illness.

Their quality of life was declining.

They were getting support from others even to walk from place to place.

I was observing how heavy this way of life was for them.

I could see in their eyes that they thought death was better.

Their mental health was just right.

But the bodies were tired, battered by disease.

The life that both of them could continue in need of others was a process they could not accept.

Mental Health Is Most Important

In that respect, wishing for a long life becomes meaningful when health comes with it.

We know how big storms break out when we see thousands of dramas of patients and often feel their pain, breathing difficulties, and what they experience when they cannot even drink a glass of water.

It should be well known that every person needs love.

But the sick ones are much more.

Long-life that includes quality life.

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